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  • We build rebar structures and concrete forms quickly and efficiently. 
  • We pay attention to details and get it done right the first time and on time.
  • Our crews are skilled and trained with the right tools and methods to make sure the jobs go smoothly.
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Architectural Concrete

By paying strict attention to the details we create beautiful walls and structures. Our form in place and snap tie concrete expertise helps our clients get the results they are looking for.

Our concrete finishes match specifications and are easy on the eye. 

Concrete form Snap ties are basically tension members. They are designed to resist the lateral pressure of fresh concrete on vertical forms. When properly fitted with cones or other they hold the wall forms at the proper distance to create the desired concrete wall thickness. The cones allow the snap tie to be broken off inside the concrete for surface patching.One-piece ties are also called through ties because the rod extends through the wall and both form sides

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Multi Story Cast in Place Concrete
Accurate Dimensions
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Cast in Place Concrete Elevator Shaft Project

We Typically Use Simon Forms But Can Use Others

Expertise in All Concrete Construction Projects

Our skilled concrete tradesmen and their experience and knowledge allows us to complete work without disruption to critical project schedules. What helps to separate us from the rest of the industry is our ability to build our forms so the end result meets all the job requirements and specifications.

Structural concrete is one of our specialities at Sambredo Concrete.  We provide specialized skills to the commercial and residential needs of clients in the greater Phoenix, AZ metro.  Not only do we build structural concrete, our professionals will perform the work and have the expertise to deliver exceptional results.  We are also happy to discuss your needs with you and provide consultations to ensure your desired result is achieved.

We can provide structural concrete construction including concrete box culverts, inlet structures, retaining walls, bridge abutments, energy dissipators, headwall/wingwalls, and complex irrigation diversion structures and more. 

Sambredo Concrete can pour foundations, slab on grade, concrete columns and tie beams, and more. We are your complete solution to concrete construction in the greater Phoenix area. We have an expert team and use the best concrete pumping trucks and forming equipment and materials.

When working with large-scale concrete, there is one chance to do the job right. Let our team do your concrete right the first time.

No Concrete is Poured Until the Rebar and Forms are 100% Perfect

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